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01/10    Forster Wildcat (no club sailing)
08/10    Handicap Series Pointscore (Beau White)
15/10    Sprint Series Round 1 (Trevor Gourlay)
22/10    Handicap Series Pointscore (Upu Kila)

Race Report:  24/09/2016 - Club Championship

Provisional results for PBSC Club Championship September 24th 2016..

Thank you to John Goldsmith, Kerry Holmes and Alicia for their continued support of the club and for doing a fantastic job starting/scoring the races.

Taking out the honours for the day:

1st H16 - Anthony Duchatel / Evelyn Curtis
 2nd H16 - Doogie McDougall
 3rd H16 - Beau White / Robyn White

Note: yardsticks and adjustments for one-up sailing have been made, where applicable ...Read More

Latest News:  01/04/2016 - Youth World Sailing Championship - Multihull Selection

Youth World Sailing Championship - Multihull selection ....

Yachting Australia (YA) announces that the new Nacra 15 catamaran will be used domestically for selecting multihull athletes to the Australian Youth Sailing Team (AYST) for the Youth World Sailing Championships and for nominating athletes to the Australian Olympic Committee for the Youth Olympic Games from 2016 onwards.
This decision follows World Sailing selecting the Nacra 15 as the multihull to... be used at the Youth World Sailing Championships from Dec 2016 onward and the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The Nacra 15 is, in essence, a smaller version of its Olympic cousin the Nacra 17, and having curved centreboards will behave in a similar manner. Yachting Australia supported the decision to move to the Nacra 15 as being important for future Olympic multihull success. ...Read More

Training:  02/08/2015 - Hobie 16 Front Casting Repair

Stolen from Andrew Nelson's Facebook post...

After the lovely little breeze last Saturday, the Machine required some maintenance, namely a new front left casting.

Some people struggle with this one so here are a couple of tips. ...Read More