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23/03    Handicap Pointscore  (Dick Clarke)
30/03    Club Championship Round 5  (Anthony Duchatel)
06/04    Handicap Pointscore  (Beau White)
13/04    Handicap Pointscore  (Darren Schmidt)

Race Report:  27/10/2018 - Club Championship

Cracker of a day each race about 20 minutes putting the larger marks for wIndward and offset ment the skippers and crew could see the marks. 14km to 17km.with a fair amount outward tide took 3 attempts to get boat and anchor right for start line slight pin favoured line ment that all could get a lane to blast away with 2 on the wire. ...Read More

Training:  30/10/2016 - Sailing a Hobie 16 one-up

Its been 4 weeks since putting the furling jib on the Hobie 16 and this is my appraisal. Basically this is an enhancing technology not a disruptive technology.

Week 1 25 - 30 knots 2 foot wind chop. Didn't get the furler working properly on the first attempt while rigging single handed in a 25 knot 30 knot on shore breeze, went ok on the water until some righting practice and my fitness called an end to the day.

Week 2 Glam 18 - 20 knot Noréaster. Fun fun fun. no problems in three races Big loose on a speed run afterwards! More righting practice!

Week 3 15 knot variable southerly. Rigged one hole further back things just keep getting better.

Week 4 5- 15 knot gradient Noréaster shifty and patchy. Boat performed best yet. ...Read More