28/06/2019 - Open Days

Special Open Day Sailing Events

The club is adding few Open Day sailing events to its sailing calendar. So keep a look out for the dates and schedules on our sailing calendar and website. The first Open Day fun event, will be held in the 3rd week of October and is programmed for the morning only, after which the sailors will have their official club racing in the afternoon.

The idea of Open Day fun sailing is to encourage all age groups and families to come and enjoy sailing and to go out with our best sailors on mixed class catamarans or windsurfers. The program for the Open Days will be advised on the day, but may also be publicised outside the club website, eg in Pittwater OnLine.

This it the only active catamaran club on the Northern Beaches and for many years has produced the best cat sailors at State and National level, plus World and Olympic champions. So get your friends and families to come and enjoy these days.  It is free of charge and you are all welcome. BYO drinks and lunch for the day. Before each day please let us know how many of you will be coming to help with planning.

The club also has its annual regatta mid November, racing both Saturday and Sunday and everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the excitement at Sand Point and watch the races.

Written By: Upu Kila