Race Reports

Race Report:  14/09/2019 Marathon

A big thank you to David Fisher and Hayley for manning the start boat and running the first marathon of the season.
Scratch Results (Cats)  - standard class Yardsticks
1st - H16 - Michael Henman & Regina Renfree
2nd - H16 - Phillip Malcolm & Anna Hill
3rd - H16 - Andrew Wilson & Alex Willett
4th - A Class - Dick Clarke
Handicap Results (Cats)
1st - A Class - Dick Clarke
2nd - H16 - Michael Henman & Regina Renfree
3rd - H16 - Phillip Malcolm & Anna Hill
4th - H16 - Andrew Wilson & Alex Willett
Scratch Results (Windsurfer Raceboard)
1st - Steve Newman 
Scratch Results (Windsurfer LT)
1st - Richard Lacey
2nd - Tracy Gowen 
Highlights of the Day
  • after racing for just over one and a half hours, Michael and Regina crossing the line 1 second in front of Phil and Anna
  • Steve being hot on the heels of the cats and in a combined fleet would have been the winner on class yardstick
  • very close racing between the cats with the lead changing multiple times
  • Richard's Aldi BBQ buns
  • Andrew and Jono Tuite rejoining the club
  • Jono out training on his windsurfer
  • Tracy flying around the bay on a windsurfer LT
Special thanks
  • Dick for wrestling the start boat out of the water
  • BBQ cookers
  • everyone that helps out around the place


Written By: Trevor Gourlay      Date: 14/09/2019      Start Boat Duty: David Fisher / Hayley Fisher

Race Report:  Handicap 31/08/2019 Pointscore
Whoever coined the phrase "hell on earth" must have had my start boat duty in mind.
The wind yesterday was a bit up and down but overall pretty good, however the rain and low temp made for a less than comfortable day on the water, especially on the start boat.
The start boat tales of woes included:
  • flat battery before launch
  • race flag bungy cord wrapped around the pole
  • flat battery again after race 1
  • rain turning the score sheet into pulp
  • anchor stuck in the mud
  • Upu's car getting bogged on the ramp
  • washing the boat in the rain
This was the first day of windsurfers joining the PBSC fleet.  There are a few minor things to figure out re the best way to start and score but overall it was a pretty successful first attempt.
Race 1 - all boats and windsurfers started together ….. with no chaos..  Anthony and Evelyn were in a great position on the line but their H16 failed to launch as it usually does.  Upu and Kelly Maree lost the jib and had to go back to the beach. Michael and Regina were going along nicely mid pack.  Phillip and Anna had a cracker of race winning convincingly.  Steve finished first in the Windsurfer Raceboards beating Arnie and Richard was first in the Windsurfer LT's beating David.  P.S. I was still getting soaked on the start boat.
Races 2 & 3 - everyone were again well behaved at the start and both races were closely contested.
Handicap Pointscore Results (Cats)
1st - H16 - Anthony & Evelyn 
2nd - H16 - Michael & Regina
3rd - H16 - Phil & Anna
4th - H16 - Upu & Kelly Maree
Scratch Results (Cats)
1st - H16 - Anthony & Evelyn 
2nd - H16 - Phil & Anna
3rd - H16 - Michael & Regina
4th - H16 - Upu & Kelly Maree
Scratch Results (Windsurfer Raceboard)
1st - Steve Newman  
2nd - Arnie Shields
Scratch Results (Windsurfer LT)
1st - David Fisher  
2nd - Richard Lacey  
Highlights of the Day:
  • back on the water and starting season 2019/20
  • the smiles on everyone's faces and banter at the bbq after racing
  • Phil and Anna's big win in race 1
  • Steve's 3 wins in the windsurfer raceboard's
  • David beating the commodore 2 to 1 in the windsurfer LT's
  • making it back to shore on the start boat :-)
Special thanks:
  • Upu for wrestling the start boat out of the water
  • BBQ cookers
  • everyone that helps out around the place
Bring on next week !!!
Written By: Trevor Gourlay      Date: 31/08/2019      Start Boat Duty: Trevor Gourlay

Race Report 27/10/2018 Club Championship

Cracker of a day each race about 20 minutes putting the larger marks for wIndward and offset ment the skippers and crew could see the marks. 14km to 17km.with a fair amount outward tide took 3 attempts to get boat and anchor right for start line slight pin favoured line ment that all could get a lane to blast away with 2 on the wire.

Team Henman finding some form and were in the mix . Phil also with his stand in crew for Anna had a steep improvement curve improving his times by a massive 4 minutes from the 1st to fourth races. Usual lesson from John Forbes and his daughter Bronte. close behind Anthony and Nina with the the flying OBE Upu Kila and Ainsley.

Im not sure if Regina was able to unscramble Alicias phone to get some good action shots - thanks Alicia for you help on the boat and Upu for your help on the ramp i hope your car is ok.

Written By: Richard Lacey      Date: 27/10/2018      Start Boat Duty: Richard Lacey / Alicia Tan